We are Known for our Specialty, Southern California's Best Clowns, Characters, and Singing Telegrams

 Here are many popular characters.  We have others that are not shown here.  Please call and ask if you don't see the one you are looking for pictured here.

Our shows are adjusted to accommodate different ages of children, ad well as larger or small groups.

$125 to $150 for first hour Weekends   

Party Clowns $98 for first hour Weekends 

Our Wonderful Clowns and Characters can perform many functions and add to your Party or Event in any way you can imagine from all the traditional Games, Magic, Balloons, and Face Painting to Strolling, Greeting, and Engagining with Entertaining Improvisational Skills that will certainly Captivate your GUESTS OR CUSTOMERS with pizzaz like no other! GREAT AND THE BEST FOR PARTIES AND BUSINESSES/STORES!

IT'S SIMPLE, We at HAPPY KIDS, alosangelesclownandcharacter.com pledge BOTH the HIGHEST QUALITY AND LOWEST PRICES on all of our fun-filled entertainment to our valued customers. Many companies will make great claims on their superior quality but will offer photographs of costumes/performers/etc. of clearly inferior quality or will offer no photo's at all (we wonder what their hiding?)
Many companies will try hard to make you believe (unfortunately sometimes successfully) that you must pay higher (in some cases much much higher) rates to get quality... isn't it oftly convenient for them that you apparently have to give them more of your money... and quite often you pay more and get much less.
We are completely aware, that even after seeing the pictures here of some of the highest quality beautiful costumes, some will still think our unbelievably low prices are too good to be true and will believe the desperate lies of our over-priced competition and not buy an amazing $98 clown or $125 character but be "sold" a $150 to $250 clown or character...but we still will not raise our prices. We will go on and on making KIDS HAPPY and not over-charging their parents to do it.

THEY MAKE IT A LOT MORE FUN! Most parties enjoy our AGE-APPROPRIATE GAMES, COMEDY MAGIC, BALLOONS, and FACE-PAINTING. Any of our clowns and characters can do all four in a one hour show if there are 15 kids or less. If there are more than 15 kids then everything becomes time-permitting. If you want to pick and choose the activities done that's no problem our entertainers can accommodate you time permitting. Of course we can also accommodate theme and holiday and specialty parties.

We hire only the most kid-friendly high-energy performers (put them in LA's best costumes as you can see below) and professionally train them so you never get a boring show from us. Only the BEST PARTY CHARACTERS and CLOWNS in Los Angeles and all of southern california.

Pop Star Party
Your child can have his or her pick of their favorite pop star to come to your party! The  performer  sings and dances with the kids. Plays games in the theme of the Pop Star of choice. Also each party includes face painting /makeup /tattoos, funky hair color spraying and posing for pictures.
Dance Party
A themed costume character of your choice joins your party and teaches the kids choreography. Also Dance Games and getting "stage ready" Glitter Makeup and/or Face Painting are included. Then towards the end of the party the kids show their new rock star look and perform their dance for the parents.
Rock Star Guitar & Singing Party
The party starts with our performer w/guitar singing along to popular kids’ songs with the children. After the kids are all sung out we get them kids on their feet and engage them in Dancing and Games. This party is great to promote musical ability and interest in musicianship with your children!

Arts and Crafts Party

Hair, Make-up, and Nails Party

Toddler Party Characters
Party Characters for your little one. Watch their eyes light up with joy as they see their fantasy character come to life to entertain. They may be just a little guy or girl but it will make for a children's birthday party they will never forget.

Little Kids Party Characters
We know about the energy that little kids have, and all the questions. Why not answer them with a party character for the little kids in your life. Fun little kids party games and their favorite party character will make any children's birthday party a success.

Hero Party Characters
Super Hero Training - Every kids party needs a hero. Your child's favorite hero party character is the perfect solution. They will see their favorite fantasy hero live to create memories they'll love.

Big Kids Party Characters
Bigger kids love to be entertained too. A big kids party character is a great way to make sure you are known as the cool parents on the block. Older children's birthday parties can be fun with one of our party characters that older children like.

Girly Party Characters
Sometimes a kids party for little girls needs a girly touch. We have girly party characters who can make your little princess birthday party the perfect day. Its made just for girls.

Action Figure Party Characters
When you buy your kids their favorite action figure in the store if you can have one like that at a children's birthday party? We have the party characters just for you, make the action figure you buy them for a gift come to life to entertain them and their friends.

Clown Party Characters
Sometimes the perfect party character is just someone who clowns around. Laughter is always something that's contagious at kids parties and one of our clown party characters has just the remedy to bring out smiling faces.

Retro Party Characters
Do your kids love the same type party characters you would have loved as a kid? We have the perfect children's birthday party solution for the kids that have an appreciation for the past. Our retro party characters will bring more fun while making you remember your childhood a little.

Army Man Party
Have a solider boy work the kids with a fun obstacle course and playfully rigorous training exercises for a  birthday boot camp for kids.

Pirate Party
Well shiver me timbers it's a Pirate Party, walk the plank or search for treasure and have fun with a scoundrel.

$98 Singing Telegram Party Characters
For even bigger kids and adults. Our incredibly fun and funny Singing Telegrams consist of one or two songs plus a personalized improv that will entertain and playfully embarrass all, for adults and big kids. The best Singing Telegram in Los Angeles and all of Southern California includes information you provide about the recipient and or situation and a song or two. You pick any song you want from iTunes®and will make it a fantastically funny forever memory as it comes out of the mouth of one of our zany party characters.

From wholesome to naughty, we always with class, anytime, anywhere...
at work, at home, at play, on a street corner... 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Our Talented and Professional Entertainers will take any message and turn it into
a lifetime memory never to be forgotten.

Starting at only $98 ~ there are many characters at this rate.

(818) 895-4881, (310) 205-7906,(323) 876-9659, (323) 930-4308



Your gal did a fantastic job at our big party on saturday! Thanks! She kept all the kids and adults entertained non stop for 2 hours and even stayed in the party character costume the whole time. Marcy D ‎ -  Dec 7, 2011 My son is still going on and on about how much fun he had with your party character on his birthday with all his friends. All the kids at the party were so entertained the whole time. Thanks so very much for an outstanding job. Candice M - Dec 2, 2011 

They did the best job for my kid's party and the clown and party character were both such great entertainment for all the children there and many adults laughed too!  Allison A ‎ - Nov 26, 2011

Thanks for the GREAT Elvis Singing Telegram! We had so much fun with the party characters you sent to my kids birthday party that I got a singing telegram for my grand mother's birthday party and it was also awesome. Your Singing Telegrams are hysterically funny. You all have the most beautiful costumes and best performers at the best price. Thanks much for being here!  Lisa T in Beverly Hills - Nov 12, 2011 Really fun and nice! It was just great how even though it was like 100 degrees and they were in a huge heavy costume they never stopped trying to make everyone so happy. Mrs D ‎ - Sep 8, 2011

The coolest entertainer for a kids party I ever saw. Not just on time and in a beautiful costume, but just magical the way she keep all the kids at the party laughing and in pure joy almost the whole time she was there. Susan S ‎ - May 2, 2011

FUN and really nice people too! Thanks again for the swell time you gave all the folks at the big bash at our home last saturday. We really could not have done it without you all! Ron and Emily S. in El Segundo  - Apr 27, 2011

You guys are the best! My kids and all their friends had so much fun and many many laughs the whole time your entertainer was here last saturday at David's party. I have to laugh at the only way your inferior over priced competition can only "try" to compete with you by writing obvious made up bad reviews. It's always the same "they are scary" or "how do they stay in business?" When what is really obvious is that you stay in business at the top of all the sites online everywhere because you give people the lowest price and have the most costumes and the most expensive nicest costumes. And they are the scared ones because even if they do manage to stay in business they will not be able to rip off as many people as long as you are around. Mary M - Apr 22, 2011

Thanks for the GREAT Elvis Singing Telegram! We had so much fun with the party characters you sent to my kids birthday party that I got a singing telegram for my mom's birthday party and it was also awesome. Your Singing Telegrams are hysterically funny. Thanks much!
Gloria G., West Los Angeles - Dec 29, 2010


Each extra half hour $45 any day for either

We have the Best Entertainment for any kids birthday party in the Los Angeles area. All events and all party characters for kids birthday parties, happy birthday to your child with our kids party character entertainment for birthday celebration entertainment. Our kid birthday parties and kids birthday entertainment offers for rent the best kids party characters for hire in Los Angeles, and the best  kids birthday party character for hire in Southern California, Everyday  we provide kids birthday party character rental in Los Angeles, really great kids birthday party entertainers and kids birthday party entertainment in the Los Angeles area and the best kids party characters in all of southern California! Our kids party shows and kids party clowns provide the most wonderful entertainment in the greater Los Angeles area, and also kids party entertainment in beverly hills. We also have superhero themed party characters for birthday party themes and theme parties for action packed super hero parties and pirate parties and army soldier parties and santa and elf and all holiday theme party characters like christmas elfs, halloween, easter, with the easter bunny and fourth of July parties too in the greater Los Angels and Southern California area. and also in San fernando Valley and San Gabriel valley  and San Bernardino Valley and into Orange County and Ventura County and Riverside County too. we are  where to find party rental characters for hire for birthday party any themed mascot costumed characters for birthday parties and all kinds of kids parties in west Los Angeles area and many mascot kids party characters and character rentals to choose from. the best Los Angeles clown entertainment for Children's Birthday Parties and all your Children's Birthday Party Entertainment services, for all your Kids Party Clown Rental needs, with many great Children Party Ideas for Kids in Los Angeles. Children Entertainment that makes all other Children's Entertainment pale in comparison. We do Boys Birthday Party, Girls Birthday Party, Balloon Animals, Party Planning, Face Painting,  All Party Services, Birthday Singing Telegram Party Entertainment, Event Planning, Party Tips, Party Themes, Birthday Party Entertainment Services, Grand Opening's... payasos en Los Angeles, payasos para ninos, birthday con payasos, payasitos. entertainers in beverly hills and all Los Angeles, Comedy Magic Shows with the best Magicians in Los Angeles, Puppet Shows in  Los Angeles, Dance and Singing Parties for kids, arts and crafts parties for kids Los Angeles, superhero training parties for boys and girls, Carnival Rides with the best selection of Carnival Attractions in Los Angeles. Petting Zoo and Pony Rides will make your party fun in Los Angeles and all of Southern California providing the best Farm Animals Exotic Animals Ponies. Singing Telegram Party Character performances in Los Angeles with the best Birthday Singing Telegrams and Singing Birthday Grams with Themed Party Characters such as Valentines, Cupid, Santa Claus, Elf's, Easter Bunny, Witches, Werewolf's, Vampires, Cowboy, Car Character, Pig, Mermaid, Bunny, Dragon, Strawberry, Monkey, Penguin, Dog, Robot, Turtle, Clown Fish, Cat, Pirate, Pop Star, Army Man,Soldier, Rock Star,  Purple Dino, Purple Dinosaur, Dinosaurs, Bear, Bird, Chicken, Lion, Panda, Construction Man, Builder, Baby, and Gorilla in tutu singing telegram or banana, hot dog, Sexy Cop, Policeman, Police woman, Drag Queen, Grim Reaper, Jewish mother, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Liza Minnelli, Julie Andrews, Nerd, Nurse, Borat, Austin Powers, Celebrity Impersonators Singing Telegrams. We also have Trackless Train Rental for hire with the best looking Trackless Trains. We do Corporate Event Parties for Adults and have the best  Cheap Party entertainment ideas for kids parties in Los Angeles. Inexpensive high quality entertainment for adults and kids of all ages for parties in Los Angeles. Highest Quality Lowest Priced Entertainment and Entertainers for hire or Rental in Los Angeles and all Southern California area Parties 

We wish to express that it is not our intention to violate any copyright laws. The characters that we offer are NOT name brand copyrighted characters, and we make no attempt to market them as such. We wish to make it clear and known that we are not marketing any character which is to represent a copyrighted character. All costumes are generic and are made under strict supervision to prevent copyright infringement. We never sell or rent costumes. Performers are independent contractors.
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